Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the blog called House of Dancing Shadows?
It’s evocative of old martial arts movies. It’s a metaphor for a movie theater. It’s just a cool name. Which explanation do you prefer?

Is this blog spoiler-free?
As I explain in the About page, I’m not going to tell you what’s in the box (Seven), who’s Keyser Soze (The Usual Suspects) or what’s Rosebud (Citizen Kane), but if you really want to have a totally spoiler-free movie experience you shouldn’t read any reviews before watching it, including the ones here in the House of Dancing Shadows.

Do you know that wuxia and chanbara are different genres from different cultures? Why are you putting them in the same blog?
Yes, I understand the difference between wuxia and chanbara. I also know the difference between Mai Tai and Muay Thai, which can save you much trouble if you are in a bar in Thailand. But I believe you can group many different martial arts movies into a category called “stories about people fighting in interesting ways”.

You shouldn’t be writing about kung fu and bushido together, they are fundamentally different disciplines.
If you keep complaining I’ll start writing about pirates and musketeers. And highlanders. And the Knights Who Say Ni. Anyone with a sword, really.